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What are the main aspects of ergonomics at work?

      The main aspects of ergonomics at work are:

  • Carrying weight
  • Sitting in an improper posture
  • Gravity 

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Safety in the Workplace

It’s important to understand your workplace rights and responsibilities in regards to pay and conditions, health and safety and workplace bullying.

By law, your employer is responsible for making sure:

  • your work environment is safe and providing appropriate protective equipment if necessary
  • workers are free from discrimination and bullying
  • you receive all your entitlements in terms of pay and conditions.

As a worker, you are responsible for:

  • understanding the conditions of your employment, including knowing your rate of pay, working hours and entitlements to breaks and leave
  • working in a way that is not harmful to your own health and safety and the health and safety of others
  • knowing what to do if you think your employer is not meeting their responsibilities.

Make sure you:

  • understand the conditions of your employment, including your rate of pay, working hours and your entitlements for breaks, leave and public holidays
  • know your rights in regards to discrimination and bullying and know what to do if you experience or witness this in your workplace
  • know the health and safety requirements of your workplace and how to maintain a safe environment for yourself and others
  • have access to all of the appropriate safety gear and equipment and know what to do in the event of an accident
  • know where to get help or information on workplace health and safety issues relevant to your state or territory.

Knowing your workplace rights and responsibilities mean understanding the conditions of your employment and knowing where to get more information when you need it.

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Fair use is one of the most common defenses to the claim of copyright infringement. Normally, copyright gives creators certain exclusive rights over their creations, whether books or films or paintings. Under certain circumstances, however, the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials is deemed to be excusable when the infringer’s use qualifies as “fair.

The four factors to consider are:

  • the purpose and character of your use
  • the nature of the copyrighted work
  • the amount and substantiality of the portion taken, and
  • the effect of the use upon the potential market.

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5 reasons why you should replace your traditional resume with an online portfolio.

Online portfolios aren’t just for certain fields or industries anymore. The importance of having a professional online presence is more important than ever, and an online portfolio will certainly increase your visibility and presence. Creating your portfolio website allows you to share and showcase your work easily with the employers you’d like to work for.

5 Benefits Of Creating An Online Portfolio

  • Professional Way To Showcase Your Work- Building a website about your brand and experience is a polished way to share your expertise with others. Websites can be more creative and innovative than traditional portfolios and are able to share with anyone in the world.
  • It’s A Great First Impression For Employers-If an employer sees your website link in your signature or on your resume, they’ll likely click on it to see what you’ve built. Seeing you’ve taken the time to build a website featuring work samples, recommendations, previous presentations and more will be a killer first impression.
  • Increases Your Visibility And Online Presence-When an employer Googles your name, your professional portfolio will be one of the first search results that pops up.
  • Shows You’re More Than Just A Resume- Because of the flexibility of an online portfolio, you’re able to show your personality by choosing design, layout and the copy you write.
  • Flexibility- With the click of a button, you can change content, videos, copy and pictures on your online portfolio. You can also constantly create new content to add to your site to show your continuous learning process—whether employed or not.

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